35 Functional, Holistic and Integrative Medical Doctors, 13 Health and Longevity Experts, 3 Integrative Vets, and 8 Cancer Conquerors Reveal:

What’s Conquering Cancer in 2021

35 Functional, Holistic and Integrative Medical Doctors, 13 Health and Longevity Experts, 3 Integrative Vets, and 8 Cancer Conquerors Reveal:

What’s Conquering Cancer in 2021

35 Functional, Holistic and Integrative Medical Doctors, 13 Health and
Longevity Experts, 3 Integrative Vets, and 8 Cancer Conquerors Reveal:

What’s Conquering Cancer in 2021

Join 227,000+ Others Conquering & Avoiding Cancer
During this FREE Online Event

Join 227,000 others who are conquering & avoiding cancer with these latest breakthroughs!

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35 Functional, Holistic and Integrative Medical Doctors, 13 Health and Longevity Experts, 3 Integrative Vets, and 8 Cancer Conquerors Reveal:

What’s Conquering Cancer in 2021

Join 227,000 others who are conquering cancer with these latest breakthroughs

Just tell us where to send your access...

Join 227,000+ Others Conquering Their Cancer
During this FREE Online Event

Our World-Renowned Doctors & Health Experts Have Been Featured On:

You have cancer.

By the time you finish reading this, 23 people will have heard those words. 

And despite all the information out there, it’s never been harder to get a straight answer on what to do about it. 

Some doctors claim that chemotherapy and radiation are your best options for treatment…

While others push you to avoid chemo and instead focus on a better diet and other natural solutions.

The truth is…

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cancer. And if you don’t have all the information, it only becomes harder to do something about this disease claiming so many lives. 

And it’s why today I want to share with you…

The Full Story...

The Best Conventional and Natural Solutions to Conquering Cancer

I’ve brought 35 functional, holistic, and integrative medical doctors, 13 health and longevity experts, 3 integrative vets, and 8 cancer conquerors to share what’s working today, in May of 2021… 

…to not just beat, but to conquer cancer once and for all. 

Unlike other cancer-series you may have seen before, this is NOT a conventional vs natural debate. 

I want you to have the best of BOTH worlds, the combined approach that’s helping thousands of survivors to conquer this disease and take back control of their life. 

And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you join 225,000+ others conquering their cancer to receive:

A peek at the little-known true causes of cancer (the ones Big Pharma and many doctors will NEVER tell you about)

The latest, and greatest Natural and Conventional Treatments that truly Conquer Cancer

And it’s all yours with your FREE Ticket to Conquering Cancer: What’s Working in 2021 and Why:

“I just wanted to thank you for hosting the Summit. Every single interview was very educational and enlightening.  I am a stage 4 peritoneal carcinomas cancer survivor and I am in the process of healing my mind, body and soul.

Thank you again. I am looking forward to any future events and information you might have for us.”

Debbie Giese

Cancer Survivor

“WOW! This event is truly an answer to prayer for me. Thank you for sharing this wealth of strategic lifesaving knowledge with us! I was blown away by the intelligent, intentional, and individualized caring approach to cancer care!

Thank you to you, your team, and all who have been a part of making this event possible!”

Dr. Marlene Huyler

Current Cancer Patient

“This is such an amazing program that you put together. As a cancer thriver of 28 years, I found it to be comprehensive, amazing and extremely complete with many new theories that were not available 28 years ago when I chose to go down a combined road of traditional as well as complimentary. 

Watching your interviews and hearing your personal shares was an inspiration.”

Dee Petersen

HeartMath Certified Coach

“Thank you for the wealth of information, gained knowledge and all the positive up lifting the speakers and yourself provided. 

I will use a lot of it in my journey to help control my stage 4 metastatic gastric cancer.”

Elizabeth Ralston

Current Cancer Patient

“This Summit was greatly appreciated by me. I had a chance to consolidate what I already knew, and deepen my knowledge.

Thank you so much for your kindness.”

Melanie Taylor

[Speaker Credentials]

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The Autoimmune Cancer Connection

Doctors are now convinced that having an autoimmune disease makes it more likely you develop cancer. See how to protect yourself in this new ebook.

The Anti-Cancer Diet

3 of the top Medical Doctors in the country have come together to reveal exactly what to, and what NOT to eat, on your journey to conquering cancer.

Stop Fighting Cancer

This 537-page book from day 1 speaker Dr. Kevin Conners will show how to STOP fighting cancer and START treating the cause.

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Meet our Trusted Speakers

All Summit speakers are personally interviewed by 19x award-winning filmmaker Nathan Crane.


The Devastating Divide in Cancer Treatment & How It May Be Harming You (And Your Loved Ones)

Dr. Kevin Conners

Healing the Divide Between Opposing Cancer Treatment Methodologies

How the division of cancer treatment has caused devastating damage to cancer patients

The truth about conventional medicine and how synergistic medicine is necessary

Overcoming the limiting effects of the “good vs bad” mindset

Shifting the foundations of medicine to create better outcome for cancer

The biggest traps we fall into in natural medicine and how to take back control of our health

How Dr. Conner’s reversed cancer and how it brought him closer to spirit

Dr. Christine Schaffner, N.D.

How Co-V-!D is Widening the Gap For Effective Cancer Treatment and What to Do About it

Why integrative medicine is more important now than ever

Lessening the gap between conventional and natural medicine

Detoxification – effectively avoiding toxic exposure

How to detox effectively to support your body’s natural ability to heal

Dr. Schaffner’s top 3 lymphatic strategies

Biological medicine and how to identify hidden factors keeping you sick

Dr. Suzanne Kim, M.D.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy and Homeopathy for Cancer

Dr. Kim has further honed her skills and training in the prevention and treatment of cancer under the tutelage of Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. at the Cancer Center for Healing. She a leading expert in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) along with many other IV therapies. In addition, she is a physician consultant for oncoblot laboratory testing and 23 and me genetic testing.

Elaine Gibson

Redefining the Impossible: Beating Stage 4 Cancer with an Integrative Approach

The top six integrative solutions Gibson followed to heal stage 4 cancer.

How Elaine overcome cancer twice in her 60’s and is now healthier than ever at 75.

How to harness the power of oxygen to reverse a cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

LED Healing Beds

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[Speaker Name]

[Speaker Credentials]

Here’s a Taste of the Breakthrough Secrets [Name] will share…

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The Shocking Truth About What's Causing Cancer
(And Which Are Hiding In Your Home)

Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.D.

What is Cancer? Beyond “Rapid Cell Growth:” The Truth About Why and How Cancer Grows

Why and how cancer shows up in different parts of the body even though all cancer is fundamentally the same.

Why your bra might be causing breast cancer.

The connection between intermittent fasting and cancer prevention (and how to fast healthily).

Brian Vaszily

Cleanse your Body and Home of Carcinogens and Other Toxins with Simple, Natural Methods

The toxins you must avoid when shopping for beauty and household products

Why the cosmetics industry is like the wild west – forcing you to gamble with your health

How to cleanse your home of carcinogens and other toxins with simple, natural methods.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

The Nano Oxygen Bath

Nanovated Hydrotherapy is a unique experience that, on the surface, may look like a traditional relaxing bath soak, but there is a lot more going on in the waters… This revolutionary Japanese bath penetrates the skin directly and delivers higher levels of absorbable oxygen. Oxygen is crucial to human life and wellness.

Jonathan Hunsaker

The Dirty Truth About Supplements and Cancer

How many of your supplements are being extracted from oil by products

The major difference between whole food supplements and synthetic supplements

How to determine the quality of the ingredients in your supplements

How to make more organic products even more affordable

The third party testing to look for when buying supplements

Dr. Rashid Buttar

How to Stop Feeding Cancer

What is actually feeding your cancer and how to stop it

What is Advanced Medicine and how it helps when dealing with cancer

The #1 proven cause of cancer we all need to understand

The truth about genetics and what we can do to overcome genetic determinism

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, D.C.

How I Reversed Cancer Twice: How to Tackle the Anxiety of a Terrifying Prognosis

How Dr. Desaulniers reversed breast cancer twice with evidence-based natural medicine.

How to overcome the fear of a cancer diagnosis and find calm and resolve.

The first steps you should take after your diagnosis before choosing any treatment option. 


The Whole Truth: The Latest Natural & Conventional Breakthroughs Beating Cancer (Part 1)

Dr. Nalini Chilkov, D.O.M.

Building A Cancer Fortress: 10 Ways to Build a Body That’s Impenetrable to Cancer

The 10 things you can start doing immediatly to make your body a cancer-free zone.

The two things you need to immediately eliminate from your wardrobe to stay safe (hint: they’re on your jewelry rack).

Why you need a “health” expert in addition to your “disease” expert on your healthcare team.

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

The Altered Microbiome: The five pillars for all chronic inflammatory diseases

Why your immune system is not your only defense against cancer (or even your most important).

Why healthy skepticism is critical in your health and healing journey.

The five pillars that create the foundation for all chronic inflammatory diseases

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

Your Cancer Diagnosis: Overcoming the devastating fear of cancer and putting it in checkmate

How to overcome the fear associated with the scariest diagnosis of your life.

Why you should never become -or- own the diagnosis.

How to put your cancer in checkmate.

How to turn your cancer diagnosis into a positive transformational experience for your life.

Case studies of 2 woman who reversed cancer after being told they only had months to live.

Jason Prall

Indigenous Secrets: Ancient Wisdom for Living a Long, Healthy, Cancer-Free Life in Our Modern Time

What we can learn from people in their 80’s, 90’s and 100’s without chronic health conditions.

The importance of the circadian rhythm and its role in our long term health.

How a connection to the earth, community, and a higher power or source energy is essential to longevity.

Dr. Anita Morales

Bioenergetic Healing Devices for Pain, Lymphatic Drainage and Healing

These leading edge technological devices are non-toxic and safe to use for helping the lymphatic system function at an optimal level to help the body do what it was designed to do – heal itself.

[Speaker Name]

[Speaker Credentials]

Here’s a Taste of the Breakthrough Secrets [Name] will share…

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The Whole Truth: The Latest Natural & Conventional
Breakthroughs Beating Cancer (Part 2)

Dr. Kelly Turner, Ph.D

Radical Remission: How Healing From Cancer is Possible Without Conventional Medicine

Incredible cases of healing that were scientifically impossible.

How healing from stage 4 kidney cancer and stage 4 melanoma is possible beyond conventional medicine.

The ten key healing factors for reversing chronic diseases – including cancer.

Dr. Sunil Pai, M.D.

An Inflammation Nation: How to Reduce It through Diet, Lifestyle and Natural Anti-inflammatories

How chronic inflammation directly causes cancer.

How does someone know if they have chronic inflammation.

The top 5 foods that directly CAUSE chronic inflammation.

The top 10 major steps for people to reduce and reverse chronic inflammation.

What are the other dangers of chronic inflammation, in addition to cancer.

The truth about the ketogenic diet and what everyone with cancer needs to know about it.

Misty Williams

Discover The Top 10 Hacks for Healing Cancer While You Sleep

The best way to tell if you are getting good, deep restorative sleep

The top sleep strategies for women dealing with cancer

The science of circadian rhythm and it’s effects on cancer

How to easily take back control of your sleep to improve and speed up healing

The 2 most important timing mechanisms in nature that directly effect your ability to sleep deeply

The most important hormones needed to help women sleep better at night

Dr. Keesha Ewers

How to Heal Grief, Trauma and Abuse: A Deeper Look at Healing The Underlying Cause of Chronic Disease

How Dr. Keesha overcame autoimmune disease and cancer.

Why genetics dont have to be your destiny and what to do about genetic pre-disposition.

How to overcome the emotional trauma of sexual abuse.

How to heal from childhood trauma that is likely causing your cancer.

The personality P’s that lead to cancer and how to remove them from your life.

Molly Fini, DNM

Bio Meridian Testing for Infection and Imbalances

Molly has long understood the connection between optimal health and natural living. Growing up on an organic ranch in Southern Idaho — a generation before the term “organic” became a cultural mainstay — she developed a passion for nutrition and wellness. It was at the University of California Irvine, studying Psychology and Nutrition, where she began to understand that the emotional is as important as the physical when it comes to health. Refining her focus to the intersection of mind and body, Molly became an unwavering advocate for her clients — viewing herself as a guide in each person’s individual health journey.

[Speaker Name]

[Speaker Credentials]

Here’s a Taste of the Breakthrough Secrets [Name] will share…

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What to Eat to Beat Cancer:
The Best & Worst Foods For Fighting Cancer

Dr. Joel Furhman

The Anti-Cancer Diet: The Best Diet Backed by Science to Increase Your Chances for Reversing Cancer

The best diet for increasing cancer chances

The best diet for preventing and reversing cancer

The truth about animal products and how they effect our health

The right amount of protein we need to help prevent and reverse cancer

The biggest reasons why you can’t lose weight even when you try

Ocean Robbins

Proven Food Principles for Helping Prevent and Heal from Cancer

The truth about organic vs conventional food and what is best.

The science of Omegas and how most people’s omegas are out of balance.

Proven foods that have the most anti-cancer properties.

The most inflammatory foods that contribute to chronic inflammation and eventually cancer.

The cancer-causing foods we all should avoid every day.

Cyrus Khambatta, Ph.D.

Diabetes and Cancer: Everything You Need to Know

The significant correlations between diabetes and cancer.

How treating the causes of cancer support the reversal of diabetes and vice versa.

The top 7 foods to reverse chronic inflammation and restore natural insulin uptake. 

John Santoyo

SEP, Electrohydraulic Pressure Pulse Device for Reversing Cancer Cell Polarity


Dr. Nathan Goodyear

Here’s a Taste of the Breakthrough Secrets [Name] will share…

Blind, curiosity breakdown

[Speaker Name]

Here’s a Taste of the Breakthrough Secrets [Name] will share…

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Fasting, Detox, EMFs, Autoimmunity & Cleansing

Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.C.

Fasting 101: The Truth About Fasting and Cancer

How it’s possible that fasting can decrease cancer risk by 95%.

The different forms of fasting that lead to cellular regeneration.

The different lengths of fasting that are needed for max autophagy and healing.

The brilliance of water fasting and how it leads to healing.

The major benefits of fasting for people dealing with cancer.

Jonathan Otto

Inflammation, Parasites, Heavy Metals and Autoimmunity – Addressing Key Underlying Conditions That Lead To Cancer

The warning lights that create toxicity in our bodies that results in life threatening diseases like cancer.

Affordable and free solutions for helping the body heal itself from cancer.

Why literally billions of people have parasitic infections and don’t even know it.

How to get parasites out of your body.

How to detox heavy metals out of your body.

The top anti-parasitic roots, herbs and vegetables to help your body heal from infection.

Lloyd Burrell

Separating Fact From Fiction With EMFS: Do Cell Phones, Wifi and 5G Cause Cancer? And How To Protect Ourselves

The science behind cell phones, wifi, electricity and cancer.

The scientific evidence about the 3 Types of EMFs and cancer.

Separating fact from fiction around 5G.

The Blood Brain Barrier and it’s role in protection and assimilation.

How to protect ourselves from excessive EMF Exposure.

Dr. Martin Bales, DC

Ridding the Body of Parasites and Accelerating Healing with Firefly, F-SCAN and PEMF

Dr. Bales has worked extensively with cancer patients, starting with a 1-year internship on the Oncology floor of Rady Children’s hospital in San Diego. At Cancer Center for Healing, Dr. Bales runs the Photon, Class IV Laser, PEMF, and Acupuncture therapies for Cancer patients. These therapies provide both primary and adjunctive-focused treatments to address increasing bioavailability of Hyperbaric Oxygen and IV therapies and providing non-invasive pain management when needed.

[Speaker Name]

Here’s a Taste of the Breakthrough Secrets [Name] will share…

Blind, curiosity breakdown

[Speaker Name]

Here’s a Taste of the Breakthrough Secrets [Name] will share…

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The Shocking Mind-Body Connection Almost Every Survivor Uses to Beat Cancer (And Keep It Gone)

Dr. Sue Morter, D.C.

Energy as Medicine: The Wildly Compelling Stockpile of Evidence for the Healing Power of Energy

What cancer actually is from an energetic scientific understanding.

The neuro-emotional and neuro-circuitry reasons why energy is not running through your body effectively.

The #1 energetic cause that leads to cancer and how to heal it.

The most powerful energetic emotional tools for overcoming stress.

How to heal our own inner emotional challenges that cause us to be triggered so we can heal faster.

Two practical energetic healing tools you can do every day in just a few minutes.

Carol Tuttle

Energy Healing 101: How to Harness and Transform the Energy of Cancer For Self-Healing

How to accept cancer to make it an ally instead of an enemy.

Practical techniques you can perform to detox your energy and promote healing.

The dangers of making your diagnosis your identity (and how it can make your situtation worse).

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Finding Grace: The Importance of Spirituality While Struggling With a Cancer Diagnosis

How to bring more grace into your life after a cancer diagnosis.

Why the right diet is one of the most important aspects of healing.

How to overcome the fear of death and open yourself to deeper levels of spiritual connection.

Liliana Partida, CN

Healing Emotional Traumas with EVOX Technology

As important as it is to treat and heal the physical body, it is equally important to help patients to get in touch with emotional trauma or psycho-emotional conflicts. Mind-body healing takes place with interventions such as psychotherapy, hypnosis, and biofeedback training through EVOX – which is what we offer at the Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing. EVOX is an integrative approach that accounts for physical as well as emotional health.

[Speaker Name]

Here’s a Taste of the Breakthrough Secrets [Name] will share…

Blind, curiosity breakdown

[Speaker Name]

Here’s a Taste of the Breakthrough Secrets [Name] will share…

Blind, curiosity breakdown


Protect & Save Your Furry Family Members: How to Avoid & Fight Pet Cancers

Marlene Siegel

How to Help Our Furry Friends Heal from Cancer & Autoimmune Disease & Live Years Longer (Post Pandemic)

Why cancer is the #1 disease in both dogs and cats.

The incredible story of why Dr. Seigel transitioned from a traditional vet to an integrative vet.

The top 3 diseases our dogs and cats face today, and the shocking causes of these disease.

The biggest shift in our relationships with our furry friends.

The #1 cause of the rise in chronic disease in cats and dogs.

The healthiest diet for dogs vs the healthiest diet for cats.

The 6 steps to help our furry friends overcome cancer and autoimmune disease.

The essential nutrients dogs and cats need to stay healthy

Trinah Hazah

Cannabis, Cancer and Pets: And Unconventional Approach for Healing

Reducing the side effects and morbidities in pets through integrative veterinarian medicine.

Pet case studies using integrative medicine for healing cancer.

The truth about cannabis and cancer in our furry loved ones.

Nutritional chinese herbal support for helping our pets heal.

How to dose and give your pets healing herbs easily.

The importance of CBD and THC in Cannabis treatment and why THC is not scary.

The natural healing diet for dogs and cats to help your beloved furry friends heal.

Gary Richter

Treating & Preventing Pet Cancer

The major shift that led Dr. Gary Richter to transition to holistic and integrative veterinary care

The improvements seen when implementing an integrative approach while treating pets with cancer

The real issue with commercial dog food

Causes of cancer we need to be aware of and avoid for our pets

Empowering integrative solutions for helping our pets prevent and reverse cancer


Cancer Free: Survivors Share Their Inspiring Journeys to Conquering Cancer

Danielle Palmer

Scenar Therapy for Pain and Physical Harmonization

After more than 10 years of clinical experience, Danielle has a large case history and is now one of the most highly trained and experienced SCENAR Practitioners in the United States. Danielle currently holds certifications in the highest levels that can be attained in SCENAR Therapy, and is one of only two practitioners in the USA to receive specialized training in the new advancements of SCENAR Therapy by Professor Revenko himself (the creator of the SCENAR Modality). Danielle has also been trained in Frequency Specific Microcurrent, studied Energy Medicine and Bioresonance with the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, and is a Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist.

TJ Hills

Surviving Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Through Integrative Medicine

How TJ reversed stage 3 breast cancer using nutritional intervention and genetic testing

Why TJ decided to do surgery and chemotherapy and radiation and how it effected her

Understanding estrogen metabolism and its role in breast cancer

How to TJ has extended her life using an integrative approach to her health

The role of estrogen in cancer and what to do about it

How to prevent breast cancer by balancing estrogen levels

Why genetic testing is critical to understanding your risk to breast cancer

How to recognize if you have sub-optimal estrogen metabolism function

Elisa Gorman

Breast Cancer: My personal story of hope, healing and thriving!

Why getting a food allergy panel is critical to helping you find the best diet for you

How Elisa thought she was eating healthy but realized she was feeding cancer

How Elisa eats now to help her body heal

The importance of quality of sleep to allow the body to heal from cancer

The perfect timing to getting blood work done

Why and how to build your integrative success team

The critical importance of having exciting things on your calendar to live for

Steve Wallis

Discovering Integrative Medicine After Surgery

Steve’s personal journey with cancer and how he’s discovered the integrative approach

How Steve’s tumor grew excessively after doing a biopsy

Why Steve turned down chemotherapy after his surgery

Detoxing and IPT as part of Steve’s integrative approach

The integrative therapies Steve followed to help him heal

Shannan Aljuni


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[Speaker Name]

Here’s a Taste of the Breakthrough Secrets [Name] will share…

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DAY 10

Breakthrough Leading Edge Treatments to Eradicate Cancer Cells and Prevent Cell Growth

Dr. Robyn Benson, D.O.M.

Leading Edge Regenerative Therapies: How to Move the Body from Degeneration to Regeneration

The three culprits that lead to cancer (that you’ve completely forgotten about)

How to balance your hormones to live longer and feel great!

Proven energy medicine that regenerates the body and protects from EMF exposure

Dr. Eric Zielinski, D.C.

Essential Oils for Cancer, Inflammation, and Immunity

The six essential oils that give you a super-charged immune system

The ancient practice the Japanese use to naturally enhance their immunity

How to make your own healthy sanitizers, soaps, and detergents with essential oils and other safe, natural ingredients

Sylvie Beljanski

Is the Science Finally Leading Us to Natural Cures for Cancer?

Cutting edge science finding natural solutions for cancer The shocking history of Sylvie Beljanki’s was called the Father of Environmental Medicine Why Mirko Beljanski’s entire research trying to find natural cures for cancer were destroyed The incredible research proving the effectiveness of natural compounds for cancer A product made from extracts of the Brazilian paopereira tree that are proven to help against cancer

Aj Lanigan

Enhancing Your Immune Response to Reduce Your Cancer Risk through Beta Glucans

How the immune system keeps cancer at bay

Why bacteria and viruses are essential to our immune systems function

The difference between the innate and the acquired immune systems

How to eliminate cancer through a fully functioning immune system

Beta Glucans, coronavirus and the immune system

Jane Mclelland

How to Starve Cancer; The Little Known Proven Principles

How Jane Healed Cancer Herself Multiple Times Using Little Known Proven Principles

The power and impact of off-label drugs and natural solutions to heal cancer

The little known cancer-cell killing method called ferroptosis through

The principles Jane followed to help be cancer-free for 16 years

How to starve and kill cancer

The truth about integrative medicine and it’s role in healing cancer

The benefits and dangers of the ketogenic diet, fasting and detox

Dr. Gabriel Jolly

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Cancer

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a well-established treatment for cancer and other diseases. Through breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room, patients’ lungs can gather up to three times more oxygen than would be possible breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure. The patient’s blood carries this pure oxygen throughout the body to stimulate the release of growth factors and stem cells. The release of the stem cells and growth factors promote healing.

“You CAN Conquer This”

Meet your Host, Nathan Crane

Nathan Crane has been committed to helping people around the world conquer cancer for nearly a decade.

Having lost his own grandfather to this disease, Nathan has devoted his life to reaching millions of people around the world. Becoming an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and 18x award-winning documentary filmmaker in the process. 

And today?

Nathan is committed to bringing the most cutting-edge cancer breakthroughs to the people who need it most. Specifically…

Empowering you with the information you need to truly conquer cancer, with the top treatments from both the conventional and natural space.

Shine a light on the little-known true causes of cancer, the ones that Big Pharma and many doctors will NEVER tell you about

Conquering Cancer: What’s Working in 2021 and Why sets out to do exactly that. With 35 functional, holistic, and integrative medical doctors, 13 health and longevity experts, 3 integrative vets, and 8 cancer conquerors… all with the unique information you can use to not just beat, but conquer this disease.

(Right after you join FREE, don’t miss the very next page, where Nathan shares the heart-breaking story of his grandfather’s battle with cancer, and the source of his mission in this space)

What Makes Conquering Cancer in 2021 Special?

For the first time, top experts of both conventional and natural medicine sharing how to combine both approaches to get the best results

Up-to-date information, recorded in the last 30 days, to reveal exactly what’s beating cancer (and which you need to try)

Informative, and engaging topics you need to know about

Get connected with thousands of others going through the same thing you are (safely and online!)

Live each day feeling inspired, energized, and hopeful for you and your loved one’s future

Consider These Facts...


The average American is exposed to 2 million cancer-causing toxins each day

immune cells

Many of which shut down the body’s ability to both fight and prevent the growth of cancer cells


90% of cancer cases are caused by diet, environment, and lifestyle factors…


And half of them are totally preventable (at least according to Harvard)

Rectangle 134

1 of every 2 men (and 1 of every 3 women) will experience cancer at least once in their life


Prostate, breast, stomach, lung, and colon cancer cause almost 1 in 6 deaths worldwide

cancer treatment

The side-effects from cancer treatment are sometimes as bad as the disease they treat

conquer cancer

It is possible to conquer cancer — and keep it gone — without jeopardizing your long-term health (or wealth)

It’s time to put cancer where it’s supposed to be: in the rearview mirror of your life FOR GOOD!

Get your FREE ticket to Conquering Cancer in 2021 today!

You’ll want to Join Conquering Cancer IF:

You or someone you love is currently fighting cancer

You want the latest and greatest breakthroughs that are currently conquering cancer

You want to know what everyday objects are secretly encouraging the growth of cancer cells

You want to know how to eat to beat this disease (without giving up all the foods you love)

You want to know how to reduce, or even eliminate the symptoms that come with chemo and radiation (You’ll hear 3 ways on day 4)

You want to radiate positive energy and hope to yourself and the people you love

You want peace of mind, and a successful strategy, that will empower you to take back control of your health, and your life

You are ready to take the first step toward healing, and ultimately get back to a life free of cancer!

Join FREE and Get Answers to These Questions:

What foods fight, and which feed the growth of cancer cells?

What are 6 things most people do at least once a day that increases their risk for cancer?

What’s the real, untold reason cancer appears in the first place?

What are the things people do that cause cancer to come back?

What’s the best way to minimize the cost of treatment?

What are a few simple tricks to keep treatments on your insurer’s tab, and not your own?

What are the best solutions to relieving chemotherapy symptoms? (and which ones work for radiation?)

How do you keep a positive attitude during treatment? (and how can you use it to increase your chance of success?)

What questions do you need to ask your doctor today, and when is it best to get a second opinion?

How can you be a positive influence after a loved one’s diagnosis? And how can you grow closer during this difficult situation?

35 Functional, Holistic and Integrative Medical Doctors, 13 Health and Longevity Experts, 3 Integrative Vets, and 8 Cancer Conquerors empowering you to take back your life!

What you’ll know after the summit:

tick 1

You’ll know the next steps for your own journey to conquer cancer, including what conventional and natural treatments to try

tick 1

You’ll know which foods feed, and which foods fight, the growth of cancer cells

tick 1

You’ll know how to deal with the side effects that come with many cancer treatments

tick 1

You’ll know how to make treatment affordable, and keep your insurer behind you during the process

tick 1

You’ll know how to stay positive, and keep your hope alive as you undergo treatment

It’s Time to Make a Change

Your life, and your health, is important. And it’s why you need the latest, most up-to-date solutions that are conquering cancer today. Which is exactly what you’re going to get during the Conquering Cancer Summit…

Answers from the 35 functional, holistic, and integrative medical doctors, 13 health and longevity experts, 3 integrative vets, and 8 cancer conquerors… giving you the information you need to overcome this disease once and for all.
You do not want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn not just the top solutions… 

Yes! Claim your FREE spot to Conquering Cancer in 2021 today!

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Cancer does NOT have to be the End.

Join 150,000+ people Beating their Cancer in 2021.

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